Parents Apart Program


Selma Ingber, LICSW and Charles Mundhenk, PhD, two principals of Mar  Vista Psychological Associates, P.C., present Parents Apart over the  course of two evening sessions every month.  This program is offered in  the town of Hanover at the South Shore Vocational Technical High School. Parents Apart is a five-hour parent education program for separated  or divorcing parents.  The program is taught by two mental health  professionals with expertise in child custody, parenting, and the impact  of divorce on children.  A parent’s handbook, PowerPoint presentation,  videotaped segments, and hypothetical situations keep the participants  actively engaged and maximize their learning.  Topics covered include  the response of adults and children to divorce, research findings on the  impact of divorce on children, and common parental pitfalls. The emphasis is on what parents can do to minimize negative  consequences for their children.  Concrete suggestions, problem-solving  strategies and troubleshooting tips are provided.  One of the unique  aspects of the program concerns the development of a co-parenting  relationship.  Many parents are not able to develop a cooperative  relationship immediately following a divorce, and research indicates  that those who attempt to cooperate and fail have a decreased  probability of developing a cooperative relationship later.  Therefore,  we present a continuum of post-divorce parenting relationships from  parallel parenting to cooperative parenting. This seminar receives overwhelmingly positive evaluations, whether participants attend on a voluntary or involuntary basis.

2018-19 Seminar Schedule


Session Dates

Session Dates


Session Dates

Session Dates

Session Dates

There are currently no new dates scheduled at this time


Session Dates


6- 8:30 PM


If you would like to register for an upcoming class , you can simply download and print a copy of our current registration form. Please fill out the bottom section with all pertinent information and return it to us at P.O Box 146, Cohasset, MA 02025

The seminar will be held at:

South Shore Vocational Technical High School
476 Webster Street (Route 123)
    Hanover, MA  02339      

Directions to South Shore Vocational Technical School (Hanover) Route 3 to Exit 13 (Hanover Mall).  Route 53 North to Route 123  (Assinippi Corner).  Left onto Route 123 about 0.7 miles.  See South  Shore VocTech on left.  Please use the entrance in the front of the  building furthest to the right.  Proceed to the Lecture Hall. Map and Detailed Directions

Additional Information

We do NOT mail confirmations. Please assume that you are registered.

We will contact you immediately if the program you selected is  already full or if there is a problem.  (Sessions fill up early, so  please mail the form and payment promptly to register for your preferred  dates.) The Probate Court prohibits spouses from attending the same sessions.   Mar Vista offers programs regularly, so we can accommodate your spouse  and you, provided each registers for different dates. As you know, the Probate Court mandates a five-hour program, which  takes place in two sessions.  At the end of the second session, we will  issue a Certificate of Attendance.  The Probate Court prohibits us from  issuing this certificate unless and until the participant has attended  for the full five hours.  We acknowledge that attending these sessions  can impose scheduling difficulties, but please understand that we have  no discretion to make exceptions.  Accordingly, it is imperative that  you arrive promptly and make arrangements that allow you to remain for the full sessions.

In case of inclement weather:


  1. If the town’s schools are closed that day, the program will be  postponed, and Mar Vista will contact each registrant to reschedule.
  2. Because this is an evening class, it is possible that the town’s  schools will be open but inclement weather later in the day requires  postponement.  If you are uncertain, please call the Mar Vista answering  service at (781) 383-0860 after 5:00 p.m. that day.

For additional dates or information, please call (781) 383-0860


Parents are required to attend separate sessions. 

Child care is not provided.  Please do not bring your children.